Sustainability Policy

Our aim is to satisfy the growing demand for energy and products by optimizing our contribution to sustainable development, in order
to meet current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Our business practices are designed to create value in both the short and long term, maximizing positive impacts and minimizing eventual negative impacts on society and the environment throughout all our value chain through ethical and transparent

We are committed to encouraging best practices in sustainability and to regularly reviewing its performance.

It also commits to identifying and analysing the expectations of the
Company's various stakeholders, such as its shareholders and
the financial community, employees, customers, partners, suppliers, local communities and society in general.

The Company establishes action guidelines, accordingly with our values, such as respect for human rights, protection of the environment, health and safety, energy management and fight against climate change, efficient use of resources, diversity, equal opportunities, tax responsibility, prevention of illegal behavior and fight against corruption. UZNPACK understands that sustainability must be integrated in all the Company's businesses and organizational levels, considering the perspective of its stakeholders.