Every detail to be used in the formats of the pictures is carefully studied and a quality print is obtained with 300 DPI. Print quality is the most sensitive issue for our company, the whole process is studied and monitored in detail.

Our professional staff uses the most suitable printing techniques for accurate, vivid and high quality colors in graphic designs prepared by us or your side.

With the end of the printing process, the printing processes are not considered finished. Since it will be possible to produce a higher quality product with the process to be carried out after printing, it is necessary to know the post-press stages in printing. These stages are considered as the polish of the printing processes and increase the quality of the work done and take it one step further.

Post-printing surface protection processes with cellophane,Spot UV and varnish both provide a better quality appearance and ensure that prints such as magazines and books are protected from external factors.
"Achieve Your Goal with the Right Printing Technique."

Products that have finished folding and bonding on the production line undergo final tests before packaging. In our quality control department, products that undergo tests according to paper quality, strength, humidity, shape, color and other characteristics are ready for shipment after approval. According to the customer's usage needs, our products are grouped in boxes or in pieces with plastic circle and packaged and prepared for shipment taking into account the need for stretch film protection on pallets, space use, protection against moisture,pollution prevention, use without dispersion, labeling, and bracket support in pallets.
Logistics planning is made by taking into account the delivery date and urgency situations, which are approved by the customer in the order.